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      焦作市恒辉精密制造有限公司成立于2009年9月。公司座落于风景秀丽的世界地质公园云台山脚下, 公司占地面积5000平方米,生产环境一流、设施完善,具有雄厚的技术实力和得天独厚的人才优势,现有员工60人,其中工程师6人、技师15人、专业技术人员25人。是专业铝合金石膏型精密铸造和特种合金精密铸造的生产企业,并且我公司为河南理工大学材料学院产、学、研基地,公司具有完备的真空及非真空冶炼、铸造、热处理及加工等生产线。特别适宜生产复杂薄壁铝合金铸件(铸件最小壁厚0.5mm)及钴基、镍基、铁基、钛、镁合金等特种合金高端系列产品。

         Henan Jiaozuo City Henghui Precision Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was found in September 2009. The company is located at the foot of National 5A Scenery Sites and World Geological Park-Yuntai Mountain. It covers an area of 5000 square meters. It has first-class production environment,advanced equipment, abundant technical strength and unique talent advantages. There are 60 staffs in the company——6 engineers, 15 technical persons, 25 professionals & technical persons. It is a professional gypsum mould Al alloy precision castings and special alloy casting manufacturing enterprise, which is the base of the school of materials for producing, teaching and researching at Henan polytechnic university(HPU). The company is equipped with advanced production lines which including vacuum furnace and non vacuum furnace, casting, heat treatment and process, etc. Especially, it is suitable to produce complicated and precise Al alloy castings(minium wall thickness 0.5mm) and Cobalt base, Nickel base, Iron base, Titanium, Magnesium alloy and other high-end products of special alloy.
        Based on its advanced process of manufacture, perfect inspection and modern facilities, Henghui Co.,Ltd. develops and produces Al alloy precise castings and high temperature-proof, corrosion-proof, abrasion-proof special alloy precision castings which widely used in automobile, metallurgy, petrochemical, valve, the aircraft, aerospace and nuclear industry, weapons, electronics, ship, instrument, computer and other fields. Simultaneously, the products are sold to Europe, U.S.A. Japan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia and so on.
         Henghui Co.,Ltd. will follow the principle of high starting point, high standards and high professional to set up. We will always stick to the tenet ”high-quality production and sincere service” to wholeheartedly service the society.